Lesson 7. What is the Food We Eat?

Lesson 7. Task 4. See the video "How the Food Industry Is Deceiving You” and sum it up using the suggested blueprint

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Part 5. Advertising to Children

1. What was the aim of the focus group research described in this video?

2. Why are children more susceptible to advertising than adults?

3. What do studies show?

4. What is the appropriate age to begin advertising to a child?

5. What does Italy prohibit?

6. What doesn’t Australia allow?

7. What do Norway and Sweden prohibit?

8. Can cigarettes be advertised on TV in the US?

9. What did the Federal Trade Commission begin investigating in the late 1970s?

10. What judgment was made?

11. What proposals did the Federal Trade Commission make?

12. What was the reaction to FTC’s actions?

13. What has become the most public health issue in the US?

14. What did the Bush administration encourage people to do?


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