Мир Австралии (история и культура)

Лекция 6. Gold Fever

VIDEO 1. Blood on the Southern Cross, Ballarat
A late-night show immerses viewers in the history of Australia almost 170 years ago. The real events of that time are presented, namely, the defeat of the settlement of gold prospectors - Ballarat and the uprising on Eureka stockade.
VIDEO 2. Ned Kelly’s Last Stand
The episode tells the story of Ned Kelly's last fight with the police. Kelly's 44-kilogram impenetrable equipment didn't save him. He was shot in the leg several times and sent to Melbourne prison.
VIDEO 3. Execution of Ned Kelly
This episode shows the strength and endurance of honorable Ned Kelly, his confidence in the truth and ability to face death. The famous phrase "Such is life" belongs to him. (Both episodes are taken from the feature film "The Last Outlaw").
VIDEO 4. Ned Kelly’s bones are found
This news was broadcast on Australian television and tells not only about his remains, but also briefly describes his life path.