Lesson 45. North Korea and South Korea’s International Affairs

Task 3. See the breaking news reported by Daniel Perkins from the USA news channel on the decision of North Korean leader Kin Jong Un to improve ties with their Southern counterpart. Give extended answers to the indicated questions

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North Korea gives the order to improve ties with South Korea


1. When and under which circumstances did the North Korean leader, Kim Jong Un, express readiness for strengthening bonds with the South?

2. What political figures participated in the meeting on both sides? Which practical results did a number of bilateral meetings bring?

3. What did the US State Department’s head R. Tillerson say on the electoral process?

4. How did Kim Jong Un estimate his sister, Kim Jo-Jong, and Seoul’s efforts to boost the inter-Korean dialogue?

5. Which proposals did the leaders of the two Koreas exchange?

6. Which attitude towards the latest breakthrough in the inter-Korean relationship did US Vice President Mike Pence express?

7. Which issues were raised by South Korean President Moon Joe In at the cabinet videoconference?


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