Lesson 1. Lifestyle, Health and Happiness

Lesson 1. Task 7. Complete the following summary with the words given in the box

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brain activity


to discern

seven (2)

math problems

public safety


police officers





Researchers have found that people who are have difficulty reading the facial expressions of other people, particularly when the expressions are more subtle. They are less able , for example, whether a spouse is annoyed or just serene.

People also are less emotionally expressive when they haven’t gotten enough . They smile less, for example, even when they feel something is funny. Using neuroimaging, scientists are discovering certain patterns of that may be behind the emotional volatility that can be caused by lack of sleep.

Experts generally recommend that healthy adults get between and hours of sleep a night. But more than one-third of U.S. adults say they sleep less than hours a night on average, according to data from a 2014 survey.

Sleep deprivation can have implications. Military personnel and often face situations where they need to accurately interpret the facial expressions and motivations of others.

In one 2012 study one group of subjects go without sleep for one night; the other slept normally. The next day the participants did a series of tasks, including . Some were easy and others more difficult. They also received on their performance; sometimes it was positive and other times negative.

After completing the difficult math problems with negative feedback, both groups reported being about equally stressed, angry, and depressed. But after the easy problems, the sleep-deprived subjects had higher levels of , anger and anxiety than those in the rested group.


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