Lesson 34. Bank Failure

Lesson 34. Task 7. Watch the interview with the European Banking Authority Chairperson Andrea Enria who insists that European banks are in a healthy state

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Put down the key points:

European Banking Authority Chair: European banks are healthy


1. How has the financial condition of European banks altered over the last few years?

2. What is the average capital ratio now?

3. What are the major challenges the banks face? Which measures should be taken to combat them?

4. When was the latest stress test launched? What are the expected results? What are the distinctive features of this test from the previous ones?

5. What are the expected impacts of the European Central Bank’s negative interest rates introduction?

6. Which event has recently caused turbulence in the markets? Which measures have been recommended by the ECB to large Eurozone banks to avoid volatility?

7. Which scenarios has the latest stress test been targeted to?


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