Lesson 16. Free Trade and WTO

Lesson 16. Task 5. Watch the video and sum it up using the following questions

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India and China – Race to the Top of the World.

Part I


1. How can the past and current relations between the two nations be characterized?

2. Compare the transport infrastructures in two states. What are the key factors influencing the different paths of their development?

3. How does the current situation look to those creating the new wealth in China? What are the goals of the Chinese entrepreneur shown in this video? What is the role of the government? What are the main principles of the industrial development?

4. How much has been achieved by the entrepreneurs in a container shipping business? What’s the secret of success? How can the advance be estimated?

5. What does the Indian entrepreneur make emphasis on? What is the Indian businessman’s winning formula?

6. How does he estimate the chosen way of developing his business?

7. What is the difference between China and India in production strategies? Which principles does India put forth?


India and China – Race to the Top of the World.

Part II


1. What trends are described in this video?

2. What signs of India’s potential strengths can be seen at the cinema?

3. What is heavily restricted in China?

4. What is a better strategy for China’s government?

5. What can be observed in India?

6. How do people in rural areas of India live?

7. Why are Chinese villages being destroyed?


India and China – Race to the Top of the World.

Part III


1. How did Chinese farmers react to the building demolitions in the villages?

2. What is a key focus for China and why?

3. What plays an important part in China’s economic prosperity?

4. What challenges does Indian education face?

5. What is the absolute priority in the Indian villages?

6. What is Infosys?

7. What conclusion is made about the giants of Asia?


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