Lesson 14. When did Globalization start?

Lesson 14. Task 2. See the presentation and sum it up using the questions as a blueprint

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Globalization: Economic, Political and Social Aspects

1. What is globalization in its simplest understanding?

2. What are the features of the ideal global community?

3. What are the positive effects of this phenomenon on participating nations?

4. What are the reasons for low purchasing prices?

5. How do the third world nations benefit from this?

6. How can economic globalization be fully achieved?

7. What is the best example of such a type of economic policy creation?

8. Which factors impede the flow of goods across the borders?

9. What is the primary requirement of the proponents of the new world order?

10. Which global issues can be solved more efficiently by a collaborative effort?

11. For which purposes can a joint military force be created?

12. Where can the social effects of Western culture be seen in non-Western cultures?

13. Who can be called representatives of the people mostly affected by globalization?

14. How has globalization affected common people like the narrator?

15. Which questions arise as we start going deeper into the consequences of this phenomenon?


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