Lesson 11. Agriculture and Famine

Lesson 11. Task 5. See the documentary and speak on agricultural policies in Asia

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Farmers, their animals and the environment – Asia


1. When did people start domesticating animals? What was the process of breeding like?

2. What animals did the farmers deal with?

3. What do modern genetics programs include?

4. What does partnership between farmers, animals and policy-makers imply?

5. How can animal breeds make contributions beyond their indigenous environment?

6. What training program did the government start in a Vietnamese village?

7. Why did the trainers offer the villagers to raise an indigenous breed of pigs?

8. Which compromise measures allowed the locals to maintain their level of income?

9. Which plan did the government offer the farmers in Thailand 25 years ago? What was the result like?

10. Which incentive did the cooperative of farmers go to the government with?

11. How was the farmer from Eastern Java able to survive the recent economic crisis? Why did her friends suffer?

12. Why does the Bhutanese herder prefer indigenous breeds of cattle? How does he use his animals?

13. Why did the cross-breed of horse fail to satisfy the needs of the Bhutanese villagers?

14. Why does the modern world need to produce more food from the same resources?

15. Which mistakes were made on the way so as to increase food production?


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