Lesson 11. Agriculture and Famine

Lesson 11. Task 4. C. Read the text “Famine in the Horn of Africa. How have things changed?”

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Answer the questions:

1. How was the global response to the worst hunger crisis the Horn of Africa?

2. How the media changed their approach to the coverage of the famine in Southern Africa? Why?

3. What role do charities play in raising money and awareness?

4. What is the response of the African governments? Why are they so reluctant and unsupportive of the famine relief?

5. How much have the African businesses given in famine relief?

6. In which direction did the USA’s foreign policy shift?

7. Why do the African governments pursue such controversial policies?

8. Which internal challenges do Kenya and Ethiopia face?

9. How does foreign aid have a negative impact on developmental prospects of African countries?

10. How has famine become a convenient platform for political and financial speculations?


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