Lesson 11. Agriculture and Famine

Lesson 11. Task 2. Read the text “Agriculture and nutrition: Hidden hunger. How much can farming really improve people’s health?”

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Use the following plan reporting on the subject:

1. Which nutrition intervention project has fought Vitamin A deficiency in Africa?

2. How can hidden hunger undermine the sustainability of societies?

3. Which vitally essential nutrients are in short supply in African countries? Which fatal diseases do they cause?

4. Which social consequences follow nutrient deficiency?

5. What are the theoretical and practical outcomes of agricultural growth?

6. What do the poor tend to spend their extra money on?

7. How do the indices of agricultural value-added and malnutrition rate correlate?

8. Which projects have proven the effectiveness of food polices?

9. How can women’s empowerment add to tackling the problem of malnutrition?


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