Final Test. The History and Culture of Australia

Part 2. Write a one -, two -, or three-word response to this description in the highlighted box

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1. This device has many functions and only one common name. It can be used for a system of protecting and storing information. It also can be used in action movie. At last it is an important device which is necessary in aviation all over the world. This device was created in a research laboratory in Melbourne.

2. This animal got its name from Aborigines who noticed a peculiarity of its behavior. In Australia this word also became a nickname of those who do not consume alcohol.

3. This national holiday of remembrance have a somber tone. Though most Australians regard it affectionately and patriotically at the same time they mark the occasion with games of ‘two-up’ at the pub and a favorite chewy biscuit. What is the name of this day?

4. This structure is one of the longest on the planet – only slightly shorter than the Great Wall of China. Like the latter, it serves to prevent the ‘invaders’ from crossing this frontier and causing harm. These invaders gave the name to this famous construction.

5. Ironically, this masterpiece of late modern architecture was not designed by an Australian. It is the home of eclectic arts and recreational activities. It is said to generate controversial visual associations – looking at it some see a giant white whale thrown ashore by the ocean waves. Passionate fans call it the sample of frozen music or the nine ears listening to the sounds from Heaven. Critics mockingly call it ‘nuns playing football’. Nevertheless, it is admired internationally and proudly treasured by the people of Australia. Give the name to this architectural masterpiece.

6. These days, Aboriginal heritage and culture are nationally supported, respected and encouraged. Unfortunately, this was not always the case. Look at the photo attached and answer what the exhibition organizers are saying sorry for. (One of the Prime Ministers of Australia, made a speech in Parliament on the subject. His address to the nation was met with standing ovation)

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7. In spite of its innocent-sounding name this place turned out to be a curse for those who were unlucky to get there in 1788. They even preferred to be hanged in their native land instead of going there.

8. This musical instrument is ancient and typically Australian. It is made of eucalyptus or bamboo, not only by people, but by insects at first. Playing it requires a special breathing technique. It was originally used in aborigines’ rituals, but now it is played for recreational purposes.

9. The Russian bard and rock singer Boris Grebenshikov dedicated a song to this star, and in Australia this is also a city, named after the wife of an English king.


10. He was a very “bad guy” - a murderer, an arsonist, the leader of a gang of bank robbers. At the same time, he was adored by the poor - they admired him, fed him and hid him when the police were searching for him. He is hugely famous. A great number of novels, films, documentaries and poems are dedicated to his short but spectacular life.

11. At the beginning the two could not decide which of them should be the first, so they decided to give this role to a third one. The name of this third one, which is now number one in Australia, meant “female breasts” in the Aboriginal language, as well as “the meeting place”. What is this name?

12. He was a brigadier general and fought in the American War of Independence. He participated in a war against Russia, was captured and imprisoned in Petropavlovsk Fortress, but later was pardoned and swore allegiance to the Russian Emperor. He also lived in France but wasn’t friendly with Napoleon. His name was mentioned in one of Pushkin’s most famous epigrams. One of the mountains in Australia is named after him.


13. For generations, Australian university students have been warned that when this tree blooms, exams will come soon. Though it is not native to Australia, is it often associated with Queensland, and its blossoms cover the pathways with a purple carpet when they fall. What is this tree?


14. At the end of the 18th century Europeans were often fooled by “miraculous foreign creatures” brought from far away lands. Among daring creations of skilful charlatans one could even find “real” stuffed mermaids, made of dried monkey heads, skillfully attached to scaly tails of big fish. When one of these “wonders”, brought from Australia, was first displayed in the British museum in 1798, everyone refused to believe that totally incompatible body parts could belong to one animal. And only a few years later it was scientifically proved that it was real.

15. In the beginning, the earth was flat and gray. It had no mountains or rivers, and living things did not exist. Then huge creatures awoke after sleeping for ages. These beings looked like insects, plants or animals, but behaved like humans. They wandered across the barren earth looking for food and digging for water. Their tracks created rivers and valleys, making the world as it appears today. Aboriginals believe that the spirits of these creatures taught their ancestors about their tribal lands and also told them how their descendants should behave. What is the name of that mysterious time?

16. Although kangaroos do not normally fly, one of them can be seen on the logo of this famous Australian national enterprise - the largest in the country and the world´s oldest continuously operating company of its type.


17. It borrows from both British and American models. It consists of three components, one of which being Queen Elizabeth II. Its major functions are passing laws and discussing matters of public importance. What is it?


18. History was made when this banknote was released into general circulation. It was issued to commemorate the 200th Jubilee of a landmark event in Australia. Which one?


19. In the UK this geographic area is mentioned in the title of a member of the Royal family. It also exists in Australia accompanied with the words which are the opposites of “old” and “North”

20. You can hear this word in many romantic songs and in Australia it is the name of a big river.


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