Text 16. How AI is affecting the travel industry

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Join the sentence halves to make statements about the text.

1. Smart chatbots on travel company
websites can help people …

a. … 12 million people are still
employed in the travel industry in the EU.

2. Some customers treat the chatbots
as though they are …

b. … human and add emojis to their
chat messages.

3. Computers can help the travel industry
to save money …

c. … book their holidays at a travel

4. Hotels need to find a way to save …

d. … find the best holiday.

5. AI can increase customer loyalty
by helping hotel managers to …

e. … know more about their customers.

6. Even though travel companies use AI,
over …

f. … experience of travel experts or
travel reviews written by customers.

7. In the UK, nearly 20% of people
still prefer to …

g. … money and increase customer

8. Computers, AI and chatbots cannot
replace the human touch, the personal …

h. … and to personalize customers’


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