Text 7. Universal basic income is becoming an urgent necessity

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Match these sentence halves to summarize the article.

1. Current social security systems aren’t
working and they are ...

a. ... receive €560 every month
for two years.

2. Universal basic income has been
criticized because some people say ...

b. ... had better health and nutrition,
and worked more.

3. People who are in favour of universal
basic income say that ...

c. ... too complicated.

4. In a pilot in Finland, 2,000 unemployed
people have started to ...

d. ... it supports financial security,
fairness and freedom.

5. Universal basic income would encourage unemployed people to take low-paid jobs
because ...

e. ... children did better at school.

6. A project in a Native American
community showed that ...

f. ... it costs too much money and
it makes people lazy.

7. A pilot in India showed that people who
received the money ...

g. ... it is not taken away when
you earn money.


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