Lesson 45. North Korea and South Korea’s International Affairs

Task 1. A. See the video on the star of the Pyeong Сhang Winter Olympics openingceremony, on a powerful and controversial symbol for the two countries that still have guns aimed at each other

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How North and South Korea Came to March Under One Flag




A. Complete the following sentences with a few words from the video:

1. When North and South Korea march together they do it under a unified flag where there is in the centre.

2. On the flag there is no between the North and the South.

3. It, nevertheless, represents for the two countries which still have guns aimed at each other.

4. The first Korean flag was created in , when Korea was .

5. After the Korean War kept some elements of the first flag.

6. It took Korean officials several decades of to find a middle ground between the two symbols that are so different.

7. A new flag was announced in 1990 when .

8. Seoul and Pyongyang agreed on the white background as it is .

9. South Korean basketball player, Chung Eun-Sun, carried it at .

10. But behind this image of unity there is still .

11. Since the Conservative government came to power in the flag hasn’t been used until this Pyeongchang Olympics.

12. Japan can’t get along with either Korea because of which is a symbol of extreme nationalism.

13. People online have suggested a flag which includes part of China which .


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