Вариант 2 для 10–11 классов

Task 2. USE OF ENGLISH (10 points: 1 answer = 1 point)

Чтобы выполнить задание нужно авторизоваться и тогда появятся кнопки "Сохранить" и "Завершить задание".

Fill in the gaps with the words from the box. Each word is used only once. You may need to change the word in order for it to fit the context. There are 2 extra words in the box.

Get a Hobby!



On my bookshelf is a set of 1960 World Book Encyclopedias, the set I grew up with. Volume ‘’H’’ devotes six and a half pages to the entry on hobbies. The 1995 Grolier Multimedia Encyclopedia my daughter and I use has no listing for hobby. In the shift between these two encyclopedias, we can see a shift in the culture.

The World Book essay , ‘’HOBBY can be almost anything a person likes to do in his spare time.’’ (Spare time? Already we’re in  territory.) Theodore M. O’Leary, the author, goes on to describe four general classes of ‘’all the hundreds of popular hobbies’’ -- collections, the arts, games and sports. He helps his readers navigate this sea of leisure in a section called ‘’How to Choose a Hobby.’’ His principle -- hobbies balance jobs.

One topic much discussed in the 1960 World Book is the hobby as a defense against . One article quotes Sir William Osler, ‘’a famous Canadian doctor,’’ as saying that no man could really be ‘’happy or safe’’ without a hobby. The danger Dr. Osler saw was in the unoccupied mind against itself.

Of course in modern  life, we don’t need hobbies; we have the Internet instead.

In the last few years, the World Wide Web a promising refuge for would-be hobbyists -- both an absorbing pastime in itself and the gateway to the sites of other pursuits. The hacker of today is portrayed much like the hobbyist of yesterday: geeky, socially inept and . Look up ‘’Hobby’’ on any of the popular search engines -- Yahoo, Google, and you with entries.


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