Вариант 2 для 10–11 классов

Task 1. LISTENING COMPREHENSION (20 points: 1 answer = 2 points)

Чтобы выполнить задание нужно авторизоваться и тогда появятся кнопки "Сохранить" и "Завершить задание".

For questions 1–10 complete the notes below filling in the gaps with ONE WORD AND/OR A NUMBER.

You will listen to the text ONCE. You have 1 minute to look through the task.

Transfer your answers to the answer sheet


the opening ceremony stars at a.m. this Saturday

the invited guest is a national champion in Paul King, who will stay until  to chat to and sign autographs

special will be held during all weekend

a competition will be open to guests of the ceremony

the first prize is a membership

special opening offers will include a test done in the shop by qualified , but it’s better to make a beforehand


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