Lesson 11. Agriculture and Famine

Lesson 11. Task 4. B. Fill in the gaps with prepositions where necessary

Чтобы выполнить задание нужно авторизоваться и тогда появятся кнопки "Сохранить" и "Завершить задание".

1. Camera crews have been thrown out of a hospital an effort to preserve the dignity of the patients.

2. Kenyans have already texted in $2m donations on their mobile phones.

3. The United Nations has only $1.3 billion to assist the 12m people need in the region.

4. The biggest contribution has come South Africa.

5. The famine has prompted a shift American foreign policy.

6. the American administration has focused counter-terrorism in Somalia at the expense of investing in agriculture.

7. America will not prosecute charities who deal the al-Qaeda-linked Shabab militia as long as they are engaged in “good-faith” efforts to help the dying.

8. The Ethiopian and Kenyan governments have been particularly torn in their response the famine.

9. The World Bank says the price maize is getting more attention.

10. The Indian Ocean is warming up and the poorest Africans will suffer the consequences in drought and volatile rains.

11. better or for worse, the famine is useful platform.

12. Many of the world’ development ministers have made the trek to Dadaab to boost the profile of their ministries.

13. The steep rise food prices is the result of speculation the futures markets.


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