Outpatient Mental Health Services in Moscow. History through Today

Outpatient Mental Health Services in Moscow. History through Today

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KDU, Mental Clinic №1 named after N.A. Alexeev

The book chronicles the longstanding history of outpatient mental health services in Moscow. More than just a scientific study, its historical content is also intended for mental health professionals and a wide range of readers. The book includes the proceedings of conferences dedicated to outpatient mental health services held in the oldest Moscow Gilyarovsky Mental Clinical Hospital in 1939. It contains the speeches of prominent Russian psychiatrists from the beginning of the 20th century such as O.V. Kerbikov, V.A. Gilyarovsky, V.A. Grombach, and more. In addition to scientific materials, the collection includes photographs from the hospital archive, memoirs of contemporaries on famous Moscow psychiatrists of the past, and photo reports on community-based psychiatric conferences held in 1949. This edition was prepared for 100 anniversary of community-based mental care. Unique historical materials are translated into English for the first time.

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Формат ссылки: Outpatient Mental Health Services in Moscow. History through Today. − M.: «KDU», 2019. – 268 p., ill. – ISBN 978-5-91304-893-6 – https://doi.org/10.31453/kdu.ru.91304.0035. – URL: https://bookonlime.ru/node/4651/

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